Johanna Amelie is a singer-songwriter who began her musical journey as a child, playing the violin, viola, saxophone, piano, and flute. Inspired by Regina Spektor, she decided to pursue music professionally at the age of 17. After studying music production, Johanna started performing throughout Europe. Her songwriting covers a range of topics, including romance, motherhood, death, and plastic pollution. In the past 5 years, she has released 3 albums and 4 EPs with British and German record labels and has performed over 300 shows worldwide, including in Iceland, Ghana, and New Zealand.

„Poetic feelings are woven into her songs, which are skillfully arranged and reveal Amelie’s personality as a musician.“ –ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE

„Fitting seamlessly between Julia Holter, Regina Spektor, and Sharon Van Etten, the much-underrated singer-songwriter from Berlin looks destined for bigger things with her new songs.“ – FAME MAGAZINE

„One thing’s for sure: With haunting ballads such as Being Johanna Amelie is setting out on a brighter future and will certainly be on our watch.“ – NOTHING BUT HOPE AND PASSION